Fantastic Bunny Amigurumi Free Pattern

I am sharing the latest Amigurumi free patterns with you. Fantastic bunny amigurumi free pattern is waiting for you in this article.


ch: chain

sc: single crochet

dec: decrease

inc: increase

dc: double crochet

hdc: half double crochet



Magic ring into 6sc 

1r. 6inc = 12 

2r. (1sc, inc)*6 = 18 

3r. (2sc, inc)*6 = 24 

4r. (3sc, inc)*6 = 30 

5r. (4sc, inc)*6 = 36 

6 -7r. 36sc 

8r. (5sc, inc)*6 = 42 

9r. 42sc 

10 rub. (6sc, inc)*6 = 48 

11r. 48sc 

12 rubles (7sc, inc)*6 = 54 

13 – 14 p. 54sc 

15 rubles (8sc, inc)*6 = 60 

16 – 19 p. 60sc 

20 rub. (9sc, inc)*6 = 66 

21 – 22 p. 66sc 

23r. (10sc, inc)*6 = 72 

24 – 29 rub. 72sc 

30 rub. 1ch, skip one st, 35sc, 1ch, one st 

skip, 35sc = 72 

31r. (10sc, dec)*6 = 66 

32 – 33 rub. 66sc 

34r. (9sc, dec)*6 = 60 

35 – 36r. 60sc 

37r. (8sc, dec)*6 = 54 

38r. 54sc 

39r. (7sc, dec)*6 = 48 

40r. 48sc 

41r. (6sc, dec)*6 = 42 

42r. 42sc 

43r. (5sc, dec)*6 = 36 

44r. 36sc 

45r. (4sc, dec)*6 = 30 

Preparing the frame 

46r. 2sc, 1ch, skip one loop (wire passes), 

14sc, 1ch, skip one – wire, 12sc = 30. 

We fill, we establish a balance. 

47r. (dec, 3sc)*6 = 24 

48r. (2sc, dec)*6 = 18, fill 

49r. 9dec 

50r. 4 dec, tighten the hole with a needle, fasten the thread and hide. 

Ginger’s nose 

cr 2.1 plush yarn 

Magic ring into 6sc 

1r. 6inc = 12 

2 – 3r. 12sc 

4r. (1sc, dec)*4, sl-st. Leave the thread for sewing. 


kr 1.25 light brown 

We knit a chain of 24ch, from the second st from kr: inc, 21sc, inc, etc. 

sides – 21sc. Next, change the hook to 1.75 and the yarn on the thick 

and a little lighter, we knit: inc, 13sc, 19hdc, 14sc, ch, turn, 

we inject cr on a row below and knit with a second layer (already 

knitted) – 14sc, 7hdc, 3inc from hdc, 8hdc, 14sc. Further 

change the hook to 2.1 and tie sc with a plush thread 



We knit a chain from 11ch 

1r. From the second from kr: 9sc, 3sc in one p, on the other hand – 8sc, inc 

2r. inc, 8sc, 3inc, 8sc, 2inc 

3r. 1sc, inc, 8sc, (1sc, inc)*3, 8sc, (1sc, inc)*2 

4r. 2sc, inc, 8sc, (2sc, inc)*3, 8sc, (2sc, inc)*2 

5 – 6r. 40sc 

7r. (1sc, skip one stitch) *20. leave the thread for sewing .. You can leave it like this, but you can cut the mohair yarn finely and roll the part, having previously smeared it with glue. With a matching thread, pull the part in the center and tie it from the wrong side. 


kr 1.25, main color, 



6sc in the ring 

1r. 6inc = 12 

2 – 3rr. 12sc 

4r. (2sc, dec)*3 = 9 

5r. 9sc 

6r. dec, 7sc = 8 fasten the thread, cut off 

Middle and index fingers 

5sc in the ring 

1r. 5inc = 10 

2 – 4rr. 10sc 

5r. (3sc, dec)*2 = 8 

6r. 8sc thread fasten, cut off. 

Little finger 

4sc in the ring 

1r. 4inc = 8 

2 – 4 rr. 8sc, put M and knit the connection of the fingers. 

1r. 1sc pinky, 4sc middle, 8sc index, 

4sc on wed, 7sc on little finger = 24 

2r. 24sc 

3r. 8sc, 2sc large p. together with the sc of the brush, 14sc along the brush = 24 

4r. 8sc, 6sc for big n, 14sc = 28 

5r. 6sc, dec, 5sc, dec, 13sc = 26 

We prepare the frame as in the photo. 

6r. dec, 6sc, dec, 4sc, dec, 8sc, dec = 22 

7r. 22sc 

8r. 5sc, dec, 12sc, dec, 1sc = 20 

9r. (1sc, dec)*7, set M = 14 

10 rub. 3sc, dec, 4sc, dec, 3sc 

11r. 11sc (photo), some filler in the brush. 

12 rubles (1sc, dec)*4, M moved 

13r. 7sc 

14r. dec, 5sc = 6 

15 – 6sc, knit 36 sc in a spiral 


1r. 3inc, 3sc = 9 

2r. 9sc 

3r. 3dec, 3sc = 6 

4r. 6sc 

5r. 5r. (2sc, inc)*2 = 8 

6r. 8sc, knit another 36sc, sl-st. Leave the thread for sewing. 

We leave the ends of the wire for the frame of the left hand. left hand 

tie after the vest! 

Ginger Vest

Cr 1.75 – green 

I dial a chain of 15ch (this is the center line of the back along 

“spine”) and turning rows knit in 14sc, ch in 

every row. I reach the hole for the hands and knit: 2sc, 4ch, 

I skip 4 loops and from the fifth I knit another sc to the end … I continue 

turning rows. To the collar I make an increase: 3hdc, 5sc, 

3ch, turn, 5dc, 3hdc, 6sc, ch. Another row 7dc and + 1 more row. 

After the vest is tied and has been tried on, slip 

the ends of the wire (arms) into the hole and into the hole on the body. 

The ends should come out of the hole with the opposite 

sides of the body and vest, make a frame for the fingers of the left hand 

from these ends. Tie the left hand in the same way as the right and 

sew the arms to the body. 

cr 1.25, main color (polymer foot binding) 

Magic ring into 6sc. 

1r. 6inc = 12 

2r. (1sc, inc)*6 = 18 

Knit around the foot for another 275sc 

Next row (6sc, dec)*6 = 42 etc. decrease according to the formula: (Хsc, 

dec)*6 =…. 5…..= 36 

4…..= 30 

3…..= 24 

2…..= 18 

1…..= 12 

6 dec + dec, = 5sc. We knit the leg in 5sc in a spiral, we reach 


1r. 2inc, 3sc = 7 

2r. 7sc 

3r. 2dec, 3sc = 5 and continue with 5sc. At the end we make two 

increases on the sides and 2 more rows of 7sc. Leave the thread for 



Cut out two insoles from leatherette and tie 2sc into one 

a hole with an ordinary thin thread … I got 32 pairs. 

From plush yarn and crochet 2.1, knit a disc and tie 

slippers around the perimeter. 

I made teeth from polymer clay and sewed them on. Red 

a piece of felt under the teeth can be glued. Embroider eyelashes and 

make a hairstyle … I knitted carrots from cotton thread + 

knitted wooden beads in a checkerboard pattern, instead of 

leaves tied with leather laces. Girls, all main 

I described the work, and the small details – you are already on your own 

add or subtract. Knit and don’t 

forget about me. Gratitude is the greatest of all benefactors! 

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